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Welcome To Sarjapura Pigeon Safety Nets

Best Pigeon Control Service

Sarjapur Pigeon Nets is started by Vijay. He understood the quality lacking in current netting industry. Local Players gives wrong commitments, false details about the net for their short term profit. To Build Quality assurance in the industry he started this company

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Why To Choose Us?

Free Installation

We offer absolute Free Installation of nets fixing for all types of requirements in anywhere in Bangalore.

Quality Warranty Assured

Best Quality | Vast Collection | Low price | Free Installation 24*7 | Free Inspection |Warranty Assured 3 to 8 Years | Support & Service | Free Quaotation.

Quality Policy

Indicating that products will meet customer needs. This is often phrased in marketing terms, for example, the principle that products will delight customers.

Affordable Prices

We Provide nets at reasonable price and 100% good quality. Best products are guaranteed.

Trusted By Most Customer

Our longstanding existence in this field est due to our strict quality standards. We always focus on the specific requirements of the clients.

Why Only We Are?

Experts Fixing Safety Nets, We have serve almost all major residential & commercial requirements. We offer best quality nets competitive price.

Our Services

Pigeon Safety Nets is Masters in Fixing All kinds of nylon nets for below applications

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments.. Where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky..

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Bird Nets Fixing Near Me in Madiwala

Pigeon Safety Nets

We face many problems with birds/pigeons in our places like apartments, factories, hotels and hospitals. We can find birds entering from plumbing ducts

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Grill Balcony Pigeon Nets

Grill balcony safety nets are a type of protective barrier designed to prevent accidents and enhance safety on balconies.

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Balcony Safety Nets in Sarjapur

Anti Bird Nets

Anti Bird Nets are best quality nets used to protect your open balconies from birds, Bird Nets are basically HDPE Nylon Nets

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Anti Bird Nets for Balconies in Sarjapur

Monkey Safety Nets

These nets are commonly used in places where monkeys pose a threat to themselves or others, such as research facilities, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries

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Children Safety Nets in Madiwala

Children Safety Nets

Children safety nets refer to various social and institutional measures put in place to ensure the well-being, protection,

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Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct area safety nets are primarily designed to prevent falls from elevated platforms or walkways near ductwork areas.

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Pets Safety Nets

These are often portable and adjustable barriers used to confine pets to specific rooms or areas within a home

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Coconut Tree Safety Nets

Coconut tree safety nets are typically made of strong and durable materials, such as nylon or polypropylene

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Construction Safety Nets

These nets are installed at the perimeter of a construction site or at different levels of a building under construction

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Car Parking Safety Nets

The primary purpose of these nets is to provide fall protection for vehicles, pedestrians, and workers within the parking structure

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Sports Practice Nets

Sports nets are commonly used in various sports to contain or capture game equipment such as balls, pucks, or shuttlecocks.

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Our Testimonials

Quality of work is good . Very quickly and very good quality of nets as well. Very competitive price. Highly recommended.

Nagendra PodiliPigeon Safety Nets

They installed pigeon net for my flat balcony in 7th floor. They did Excellent work with all safety precautions. Happy with material quality that's used for installation. Would definitely recommend.

BalaBalcony Safety Nets

Hi. They do a great job in installing pegion nets for balcony and utilities. They take very less time and economical.

Srinivas KBird Nets