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Welcome To Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Pigeon Nets is started by Vijay. He understood the quality lacking in current netting industry. Local Players gives wrong commitments, false details about the net for their short term profit. To Build Quality assurance in the industry he started this company

Experts & Experienced in Fixing Balcony Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets, Anti Bird Netting, Pigeon Safety Nets for Balconies, Pigeon Nets Fixing, Bird Control Services, Apartment Duct Area Covering Nets, Terrace Top Cricket Practice Nets, Industrial Bird Netting, Open Space Covering Safety Nets, Building Covering Pigeon Nets, All types of Sports Court Nets, Cricket Practice Nets Installation Services.

Our Mission
“Our mission is to deliver the best quality services possible through quick response time”.
Our Vision
“Our Vision is to be the world’s best Bird Netting Services and valuable services ”
Our Goal
“Individual focus, Constent Reasearch and Development by which we can achieve our vision”.